A 6 hour workshop designed to guarantee effective negotiations focused on business development, value creation and maximizing the probability that agreements reached by the parties will be carried out.

  • CEO´s, directivos y mandos intermedios
  • Agencias de comunicación
  • Profesionales del marketing
  • Emprendedores y profesionales por cuenta propia


  • Establish a structure for the negotiation process
  • Offer tools to lead each phase of a negotiation
  • Provide a methodology
  • Practice and acquire the techniques and skills required by an effective negotiator


Professional Negotiation

  • What is the profile of a good negotiator?

1. The Negotiator’s Toolbox

Influencing styles

  • Maximise payback on energy use

Case study

  • Case study analysis
  • The bargaining continuum
  • Before going in, know when to get out

2. Methodology

Effective negotiation

The key elements

  • Prepare
  • Focus on interests, not positions
  • Generate options and alternatives
  • Research, study, accumulate information about interests, limitations and perceptions

Focus on interests

  • The raw material of negotiation
  • The most powerful interests

Generate options and alternatives

  • 4 major obstacles to generating options
  • Get beyond the obstacles
  • Case study
  • Case study analysis
  • To compete or generate value?

Action Plan

  • Identify improvement opportunities


The entire workshop involves full participation, utilising structured exercises, 2 case studies, discussions and recommendations for future negotiations.

*Este taller se realiza en formato In Company, diseñando el programa totalmente adaptado a las necesidades reales de la empresa o institución que nos lo solicite. Más información africag@lasallecampus.es